The Wonderful World of Evergleam

By Theron Georges



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Celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Evergleam aluminum Christmas tree with us!

The Wonderful World of Evergleam is a unique and historic book that tells the story of the 1959 debut of the aluminum Christmas tree by the Aluminum Specialty Company of Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

This holiday tree would become synonymous with truly American Space Age style and Mid-Century Modern design.

Aluminum Specialty Company is no longer in business and all company records and publications have since been lost. After several years of researching and curating an outstanding collection, I have reconstructed a complete catalog of nearly every item ever produced by Evergleam from 1959-1971. Never before have all 120 plus products been systematically and meticulously cataloged within one publication

The Wonderful World of Evergleam includes a comprehensive gallery of full-color portraits of every style and color of tree, color wheel, and rotating stand ever produced by Aluminum Specialty. In addition, there is an archive of extremely rare and often unseen ephemera such as instruction sheets, merchandising tags, quality assurance slips, and other packaging inserts.

 The book is a completely immersive multimedia experience engaging the reader through sight and sound! I have partnered with Spotify to include an online listen-along playlist for the reader to accompany the portraits of Evergleam aluminum Christmas trees.

We truly hope that you will fall in love with Evergleams all over again through

The Wonderful World of Evergleam!


In 2017, a man named Theron Georges emailed me, saying he was interested in speaking with the granddaughter of Thomas Gannon. I’m a professional writer, and I’d written an essay about my grandfather and our family’s connection to Everleam (in the 50s, my grandfather had the idea to mass-market the space-age tree, and it took off like a rocket). We set up a call, and Theron explained he was an avid collector and Evergleam aficionado. He’d set out to learn about my family’s history, but in that hour on the phone, I found myself asking more questions about his past, his interest in the tree, the history of Evergleam, and the enthusiastic collector community (that I didn’t know existed), all the while discovering a side of my grandfather I’d never known. When I got off the phone, I knew that if there was ever an Evergleam scholar, I had just spoken with him.

Now, two years later, Theron Georges has written the ultimate guide to Evergleam. Thanks to his tireless research and genuine love for the aluminum tree, “The Wonderful World of Evergleam” brings to life the story of the Evergleam and the men and women behind it; it even includes a reconstructed Evergleam catalogue and a “listen along” holiday playlist. For Evergleam collectors, this book is the reference guide you’ve been waiting for. And for those who just like looking at the sparkly boughs and color wheels, it’s a holiday walk through a quirky time in history, and a powerful presentation of an American success story that lives on today, through collectors, storytellers and scholars like Theron.


Splendid Reference Book and Stunning Photography.

 Finally, a true reference book for Evergleam aluminum Christmas tree collectors! Theron Georges has done a painstaking and incredible job of documenting the history of Evergleam and reconstructing the Aluminum Specialty catalog. The photography is enchanting. The detailed specs on the different models of trees and other Aluminum Specialty products is something I have needed for years! The listen-along playlist adds a unique touch of whimsy.  Very high quality printing with dust cover, red ribbon bookmark and foiled edges. You can even specify an autographed copy!  A must-have for every collector’s bookshelf, and a perfect coffee-table accessory for all lovers of mid-century modern design.

REVIEW: JOHN SHIMON, Author: Season's Gleamings

After doing the Season’s Gleamings book,it is wonderful to see renewed interest in Evergleams. There are countless stories waitingto be told. Theron Georges haswrittena definitive book on the history of this quirky product of the aluminum novelty industry!


The book is a splendidly thourogh anthology of every masterfully glittery aluminum Christmas tree ever designed and manufactured by the Specialty Aluminum Company. This timeless tome is an excellent reference book for avid collectors and adoring fans of aluminum Christmas trees, as it is replete with eye popping lush photos and cataloged manufacturing parts numbers. There is also a special chapter devoted to the colorwheel projectors manufactured by the Aluminum Specialty Company. This book is a definite must have for fans and collectors of aluminum Christmas trees alike.

I just received my signed copy of The Wonderful World of Evergleam! What a beautiful book. I was sad it arrived at the office as all I wanted to do is curl up in a chair and read every page and look at every picture!! I'm from and live in Manitowoc, WI - Home of the AluminumSpecialty Co. so this is a near and dear to my heart! Make sure to order your copy today - you will not be disappointed. But plan on not getting anything done as you'll want to read the book - cover to cover immediately!

An expertly thorough study in Evergleam trees from Manitowoc, Wisconsin. A beautiful hard-cover book with hard-cover sleeve, silver edging to the pages. The book itself is a treasure. The contents are amazing. Stop reading this...JUST GET IT!

A more thorough and complete history of the Evergleam brand does not exist ! This is the most elegant book I own and I'm thrilled to own a copy. Silver edged pages, a fabric bookmark and slipcase. Perfect !!

Gorgeous and informative book. Very nicely done!

This book is as much of a GEM as finding the trees in minty condition !!!

Gorgeous book, beautifully produced ! Amazing quality !

This is the Best Book Ever! Can't stop reading it!

Wonderful book! Very good helpful information!

The authoritative reference book on Evergleam. Beautifully bound too...


Theron was kind enough to provide me with a copy of the book, and I thought I'd take the time to write a review of it.

The book is a 107 page hardback book with a hard slip case, and inside, Theron discusses the history of the aluminum tree, how Aluminum Specialty came to manufacture them, and what kinds of trees and accessories they manufactured over the years.

Theron attempted to reconstruct the entire Evergleam catalog and show and describe every model they made. 

His book shows off a sizable portion of the company's offerings, from regular silver trees, to colored ones in green pink, blue, blue and burgundy, and gold. He's got photos of some of the more unusual trees that had bows on the branches and silver trees with blue tips.

We've had hundreds of Evergleam trees over the years, and there were probably a half a dozen models in the book that we've never seen, along with a few that we've only seen once, such as the ultra-rare outdoor aluminum Christmas tree.

He explains the catalog numbering system, too, for those who like to dig deep into the details.

The book is well written and offers additional information about storage and repair tips.

There are lots of photos, of course, of trees, people posing with trees, tree accessories, and tree boxes, instructions and other interesting ephemera.

I'm glad to see that Theron has taken the time to compile all of this information, and it's presented in a way that just about anyone will likely find to be interesting.

Highly recommended.

REVIEW: MATT BLISS, Co-Designer The Modern Christmas Tree

Theron Georges has written what surely will be the definitive book about these whimsical and iconic trees called Evergleams.

All About The Book

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Inspiration For The Book

In 2004, Season's Gleamings — the landmark book about aluminum Christmas trees by John Shimon and Julie Lindemann — captured the imaginations of readers around the world. I believe that it was single-handedly responsible for the en masse renaissance of the Evergleam aluminum Christmas tree in the United States. 

But it left me craving even more detailed information about Evergleam aluminum Christmas trees. As I started collecting my own Evergleams, starting with a Silver Fountain and Deluxe Turbo Projector happened upon at a second-hand store in downtown San Antonio, I was disappointed at the lack of access to much detailed and precise information about Evergleams. What was their story? Who were the people that made them? How many different styles and colors were produced? What were their numbers? What about the color wheels? This was the beginning of The Wonderful World of Evergleam.

After years of researching and collecting, and for the first time ever in history, The Wonderful World of Evergleam is a reconstruction of a complete catalog of nearly every product ever produced under the Evergleam trademark contained within one publication. And so much more!

The collection is not the largest in the world; however it is assuredly one of the finest — as it contains at least one specimen of every known type ever produced by Aluminum Specialty — minus one. This collection has been promised to the Wisconsin Historical Museum in Madison.

Even today, the community is hunting for and discovering heretofore unknown products. For me, the most wonderful thing about Evergleams is indeed the community.

I invite you to share my passion for Evergleam aluminum Christmas trees through The Wonderful World of Evergleam. (Photo: Courtesy of Wisconsin Historical Museum and Ron Dennis)

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Looking for a unique and fabulous gift for somebody special? The Wonderful World of Evergleam is the perfect gift for those interested in Mid-Century Modern design, Space Age style, Retro Holidays, American Kitsch, and Evergleam aluminum Christmas trees! Limited production First Edition!

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