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60th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

The Evergleam Book

  • Explore Evergleam's Hometown!

  • Meet The People Who Made Evergleams!

  • Discover The Entire Sparkling Line Of Evergleams!

Explore Evergleam's Hometown!

Meet The People Who Made Evergleams!

Discover The Entire Sparkling Line Of Evergleams!

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The Evergleam Book Picks Up Where Season's Gleamings Left Off

In 2004, Season's Gleamings — the photography book about aluminum Christmas trees by Wisconsin artists John Shimon and Julie Lindemann — captured the imaginations of readers across America.

But, it left me craving even more detailed information about Evergleam aluminum Christmas trees. What was their story? Who were the people that made them? How many different trees were produced? And, don't forget about those color wheels. This was the beginning of The Evergleam Book.

The Specialty's factory doors are shut forever. The last generation of former executives and workers is living their Golden Years. But now, a moment in time from the glittery Space Age is forever captured within the covers of The Evergleam Book — the true story of America’s beloved, fabulous, and sparkling Evergleam.

2020: Space Age Christmas Trees Exhibit

For 2020, Space Age Christmas Trees alights again at the 1940 Air Terminal Museum in a once-in-a-lifetime exhibition billed as the “World’s Biggest Mega-Show!” Never before, and quite possibly never again, have over 100 vintage aluminum Christmas trees been showcased under one roof in all of their gleaming and glimmering glory!

In 2019, the Space Age Christmas Trees exhibit focused almost exclusively on products manufactured by the Aluminum Specialty Company of Manitowoc, WI. AlSpecCo was celebrating the 60th Anniversary of their world-famous Evergleam brand.

This year, we shift the focus in an homage to the many Aluminum Specialty rivals — “Illuminating the Fiercest Competitors in the Race.” As visitors ascend the staircase to the mezzaanine, the rarest and greatest showstoppers manufactured by companies such as Revlis, Tomar, Stainless Metal Craft, Metal Trees Corporation, Craft House Trees, Carey-McFall, United States Silver Tree Company, Star Band Company, Peco, and Canadian Spangle await to delight and thrill. Even a few trees from the former Soviet Union will land at the Space Age Christmas Trees exhibition!

Brand new for this year is an interactive Mid-Century Modern Holiday Pad where you can take and post your holiday selfies to social media! The swanky mockup features a George Nelson Coconut Chair, Saarinen Tulip Table, Mirro Medallion barware, and iconic cardboard fireplace. The pièce de résistance is a rafter-bustin' Texas-sized aluminum Christmas tree!

November 27th through January 3rd at the 1940 Air Terminal Museum. Located next to the William P. Hobby Airport, 8325 Travelair Street, Houston, Texas 77061, 713.454.1940.

All state and county health and safety guidelines will be observed.

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With Gratitude to the Friends of The Evergleam Book