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These vintage aluminum Christmas trees more than kitschy collectibles...more than mid-century masterpieces...they are world class national treasures...we might as well just get it out in the open."

Charles Phoenix, Los Angeles

For Evergleam collectors, this book is the reference guide you're been waiting for. And for those who just like looking at the sparkly boughs and color wheels, it's a holiday walk through a quirky time in history, and a powerful presentation of an American success story that lives on today, through collectors, storytellers and scholars like Theron."

Kate Silver, Chicago

After doing the Season's Gleamings book, it is wonderful to see renewed interest in Evergleams. There are countless stories waiting to be told. Theron Georges has written a definitive book on the history of this quirky product of the aluminum novelty industry!"

John Shimon, Appleton

Because of these halcyon sentiments, the trees and the story behind them had to be cataloged, archived, and preserved. Theron Georges has written what surely will be the definitive book about these whimsical and iconic trees called Evergleams."

Matt Bliss, Denver
  • Explore Evergleam's Hometown!

  • Meet The People Who Made Evergleams!

  • Discover The Entire Sparkling Line Of Evergleams!

Explore Evergleam's Hometown!

Meet The People Who Made Evergleams!

Discover The Entire Sparkling Line Of Evergleams!

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The Evergleam Book Picks Up Where Season's Gleamings Left Off

In 2004, Season's Gleamings — the photography book about aluminum Christmas trees by Wisconsin artists John Shimon and Julie Lindemann — captured the imaginations of readers across America.

But, it left me craving even more detailed information about Evergleam aluminum Christmas trees. What was their story? Who were the people that made them? How many different trees were produced? And, don't forget about those color wheels. This was the beginning of The Evergleam Book.

The Specialty's factory doors are shut forever. The last generation of former executives and workers is living their Golden Years. But now, a moment in time from the glittery Space Age is forever captured within the covers of The Evergleam Book — the true story of America’s beloved, fabulous, and sparkling Evergleam.

With Gratitude to the Friends of The Evergleam Book

About The Author

A Message to the vintage aluminum christmas tree collecting community

Space Age Christmas Trees

Space Age Christmas Trees is a 110-page 20,000-word manuscript for a fourth book in the Space Age Christmas Trees series. It was completed in May 2021. International Standard Book Number 978-0-578-30255-3 was assigned to Space Age Christmas Trees.

The Space Age Christmas Trees Exhibit Photo Shoot was commissioned on January 4, 5, and 6, 2021, specifically for the Space Age Christmas Trees manuscript.

The Space Age Christmas Trees manuscript, as well as photographs from the Space Age Christmas Trees Exhibit Photo Shoot, are registered with the United States Copyright Office under Certificates of Registration Numbers TXU 2-283-199 and VAU 1-447-307, respectively.

Thank you for your patronage of bona fide literary works, photographs and art that have been vetted and certified by the United States Copyright Office. These works have been painstakingly created, researched, written, edited, designed, produced, and packaged especially for you! And, that's no "Phoney Baloney!"

Respectfully, Theron